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So, my friend has had a hard time recently. He's been very ill with a virus and hadn't left the house (he was staying at his parent's) for 2 months before his disappearence. He left a note to his parents saying he was going for a short walk, very early on Wednesday morning, but actually walked in a different direction, with a large rucksack.

He called for a taxi when he got to the edge of the town, and was taken to the railway station. From there he caught a train which was heading to Cheltenham, although no one knows if he got that far, or changed trains somewhere. He told the taxi driver that he was heading to London, but there are direct trains to London from that station, and it seems he was heading specifically for the Cheltenham train.

He has been going through some hard times about personal matters, as well as his illness, and this is completely out of character for him. He's always been very close to his parents and his brother.

Obviously we hope he's gone somewhere to be alone for a while. He obviously planned all this - taking a bag, leaving the misleading note so his parents wouldn't try and follow him, even possibly lying to the taxi driver.

He is an experienced walker and camper, and it's quite possible that he is somewhere like the Forest of Dean, Lakes, Peaks, or other park or woodland where he can camp out and be alone.

Anyway, if you think you know anywhere where a poster would be seen by walkers/campers/commuters etc. then please use on of these:

Or print off one of the Missing Persons ones, here.
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Choose love

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This story about a black school child gang-raped by 6 white school children (while others looked on and laughed) ran on City Press this morning made me want to vomit. Horror. Rage. Ings and I talked about it all the way to buy coffee, and then with our firend Busi when we brought her the coffee we'd been fetch her. We're all Moms - imagine if that was our kids? What would we want? We'd want justice, yes, but also we'd mainly want the best counselling money can buy, and the ability to take this kid out of that school so he never has to face his attackers again, and send him ideally to the best school money could buy to offer him the most understanding and the best opportunities to make a successful life in the wake of this horror. We want to help give that to the victim's grandmother one lot of caregivers to another, in lieu of offering hugs and groceries and doing household chores and making home made meals the way people do for their neighbours. So. We've started a funding campaign. If you can afford, donate ( ) - R1 from a million South Africans would change this kid's future entirely. Responded to violence with violence and hate with hate will never change the world. Choose love (and share the hell out of this so others can too).

Anyone still in fandom, do you think we could get fandom to rally around it? Please signal-boost on LJ as well as dreamwidth if you're willing to help.
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Fandom Shout-Out

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In the heyday of fandom, people used to do things like this and fandom always found a solution; it was a real force for social good. So, here I am, trusting to the universe and hoping for some grace.

One of my most kind and loyal friends on LJ and in fandom lives is Austin, Texas. She was seriously abused as a child and then trafficked for a number of years. A year or so ago she managed to escape into a church programme that rescues human trafficking victims and has been working on rebuilding her life. She got a job, an apartment, and her life seemed like it was really on track. Then unfortunately she became ill, suffering quite serious depression, understandably given the succession of traumas she's experienced, and because the USA has some of the worst labour policies in the world, she was laid off (not allowed time off in hospital for a heart attack [IN YOUR EARLY 20s] AND any sick leave for depression! Lazy workforce, bringing down the 1%'s profit margin!). She has no-where to go and no-one to stay with except returning to her father who abused her for so many years, and so she is living out of her car now, in quiet desperation. The church organisation who helped her before are trying to use the situation to force her into becoming a missionary by offering her a place to stay on condition she eschews all contact with anyone and goes into their cultish missionary-training programme, which - not a good idea.

Does anyone know anyone else in fandomliving in or close to Austin, Texas? Someone who could help this young person either by helping her source some sort of programme that could offer her accommodation, or who'd be willing to put her up for a while, or who knows if there is any sort of social services accoms available to young homeless women, or who could do ANYTHING at all? If you're near that area or know anyone near that area please consider boosting the signal, carrying the message onto DreamWidth - anything. If you want to contact her leave me your contact details and I will pass them on to her.
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Help a disabled child do the Cape Argus Cycle Tour

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I don't do this often - the last time must be easily 8 years ago on LJ! But here goes:

David is eight years old. He lives with Down's Syndrome, Autism, something akin to Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, and from what I remember some of the most dreadful allergies out (from what I recall when he was a baby, many things are toxic to him, and feeding him was an ongoing challenge). His parents once worked with me, although they have now moved to Cape Town, and his mother was a good friend of Guy's when Guy was an undergrad student. Two years David, aged 6, had major neck surgery to help stabilise his neck and prevent spinal cord damage. Because of his EDS he wears supports and knee braces permanently to stabilise his ankles and knees so he can put weight on them without damaging himself.

This year, David has been given the opportunity to join in the excitement of the world-famous Cape Argus Cycle Tour (taking place in 17 days) as a disabled rider for the Chaeli Campaign. By doing this, he will also be able to raise awareness for the Chaeli Campaign and the work that they do to help children with disabilities. All funds raised will go towards David’s ongoing medical expenses and specialised schooling costs. Brett is the awesome cyclist pictured below who will be the one the pulling David’s buggy with his bike. What an experience for any 8 year old, and even more so for one who can't move easily alone - flying down a cycle route, in the midst of huge excitement, in his own special chariot, feeling like a hero.

I know that for most of you, this child's life is happening half a world away. You don't know him. Hell, I don't even know him, but having had something very similar to EDS as part of my fibro a few years ago, I know how much pain he must be having to meet courageously every day. At age 8. That's just not fucking fair, IMHO. I also know, from friends with kids who are on the autism spectrum, what special kids theirs are, but at the same time, the resources and cash their parents need to try and provide them with the opportunities they need to grow and thrive.

If you're in South Africa: You can make a direct deposit using these details:
Banking Details: The Chaeli Campaign
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Blue Route
Branch Code: 025609
Account #: 076674150
Reference: 1561 & Sponsor's Name

If you're overseas: Because our the weakness of our currency, any few dollars or pounds or euros that someone overseas could spare would convert to a significant contribution in South African Rand. Hell, your parking change could make a difference! If you would like to help this child in his adventure, and his parents in what I know as a sufferer of chronic illness myself must be a challenging job, you could donate to the fundraiser here (Use the cyclist's list number - 1561 - and your name as a reference).

You OBVIOUSLY don't have to donate, or comment, or feel in the slightest bit bad if you don't. I know some of you don't have 2 cents to rub together, and have your own families and issues for which you need you to try and raise money. But I very humbly ask you, if you can afford it, and particularly if you're having a rough time lately - consider maybe responding by paying love forward. It makes you feel empowered despite your own difficulties, and the love *does* come back to you, always, from someone else. Because every time life kicks you in the teeth and you think "Why the fuck does no-one care, or help me?" You can be that person, for someone else. You can answer that question for someone else, in the way you wish someone would answer it for you. And the more you be that person, I've found, somehow the more the same thing happens for you. And if it doesn't happen every time - so what? There's a net gain of kindness and a net decrease of suffering in the world.

Thanks for reading. If anyone would like to link here to boost the signal, you can - it's a public post =)