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ice queen

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:
- I found a company that makes wraps/tortillas that are both gluten AND corn free! THIS IS AWESOME NEWS FOR MAH BELLEH!
- My third youngest brother, Iian, is coming to visit first week of July. YAY!
- Watched "The Corporation" Doco DVD (Alana borrowed it from the Brunswick Library) - very good doco!
- Today I bought season 6 of Family Guy and Season 2 of 24, because I was depressed and needed to blow money I don't have (so, payday I have to put it back in my credit card).
- I also booked tickets (for me, Alana & her bf) to go see Angie Hart at the Northcote on July 11. (Angie Hart, for those who don't know/remember) used to be the singer for Frente, and is much loved by Joss Whedon, appearing in Buffy no less than 3 times, and in Firefly once.
The Bad:
- after not eating any wheat for 8 days, I indulged in some last night - pizza made on pitta bread. NOT A GOOD IDEA AT ALL. It made the thrush (which bloody won't go away) flare up badly, and I felt horrible all day. Went and bought the one-dose tablet thrush treatment, so fingers crossed this will make it finally go away.... It's only been 4 goddamn weeks, after all! I've also decided to totally swear off wheat until I'm well and truly over the thrush and my body is back in proper working order. But hey, now I can make pizza on the gluten free wraps!

The Ugly:
- Oh, that's just me. I can't help it - it's genetic.


yay good, blah bad ;[

where do you get the gluten free tortillas .
are they dairy free ?

and hey not ugleh!

BTW 'cos I do owe you a b'day pressie, I wanna make you a flowery scarf
so what colour would you like a flowery scarf in (I've shown some other colours on my LJ, but could also do a different colour in any of my Acrylic yarn for you if i have it :] (.. if you dont mind standard acrylic yarn rather than cottons..) in red or something ? )

yep, dairy free! get 'em from safeway.

aw, thanks! heh.

Oooooh! that would be awesome! i think it would be pretty in red - or white, that would be pretty, too. whatever you have available is cool! (you're very sweet :-))
ah, we only have coles round here who dont seem to stocl it. will need to go to a safeways .

oh i have white cotton so that will work out nice (i like cotton best for this style :)
.. oh you still want the blue flowers one as well? or just the red box one now and grr bear (just got your msg from that post, oh i should go take them off my etsy for you so no one else steals em :]

Awesome! Well, if you're making me a white one then I'll leave the blue one for now. Just the red box one & the grr bear.
okies :]

we should meet up maybe friday (is it RDO for you this week ?)
Friday is not good. Normally it'd be my day off, but it's my friend Suzette's birthday, and her last day working here so I'm working after all. We'll be doing the farewell/birthday lunch thing, and maybe drinks after.

Howz about Saturday?
sat should be ok
You could come over for dinner, even!
yeah that be cool :]
The wheat thing is a real bugger. I had to try and avoid it once when trying to work out what i was allergic too- all I discovered was that ricey stuff in an quantity makes me ill =/. Glad your kitteh seems to be OK btw.
stupid bodies and their stupid intolerances >:-(

How's your kitteh doing?
He's ok thanks - giving me dirty looks at the moment because he wants to be fed and I'm on the laptop ;)