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out like a light_by slayground


Oy. That was some week, that was.

Colleague L's 3 year old has been in hospital since Tuesday with pneumonia (she's doing okay), so of course he's been at her bedside and not at work ... meaning I've been doing his work, too. Of course, this would be the week that everyone decides to be proactive - by giving me lots of work to do for them. Eh. It keeps me employed, so I'm not really complaining. I'm just very tired. 

Today was colleague & friend Suzette's last day at work, as she is leaving to take up a new, higher-ranked, better-paying job in her area of interest. Go her! It's also her birthday. Anyway, that all meant a huge going-away lunch at a nearby cafe, where they're good about making up something special for me because all their vegetarian food has corn in it. (I usually end up with a veg risotto). Then back to the office to cram in some more work before we all knocked off at 4 to have drinks in the office to toast Suze again. Going to miss her heaps around the office, but we'll definitely keep in touch, and her new job is *perfect* for her. 

Anyway, upshot of it all is, it's 8.45pm on a Friday night and I'm seriously wanting to go to sleep. Knowing me, I'll faff around for another couple of hours, desperately tired and accomplishing nothing, but refusing to go near my bed at such a ridiculous hour. I'm kind of stupid that way.



oi we on for tomorrow for stuff/ tea etc ?

we can come round anytime
sure! sandy usually comes around at 7, so you can come then, or a little earlier. now, david's just lactose & gluten intolerant, yeah - or is anything else out?
Okies . maybe will let you know when we are on our way.

Ill bring your bear and scarfs :]

yup no milk or gluten for D.