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JS Mill

Things I do when I should be going to bed.

Poll #1208889 Humour me.

"I'm going to bring her to Keller right now and get it checked out." This sentence is:

Perfectly normal. What the hell are you asking for?
Weird. It should read "take", not "bring".
Why don't you do something better with your life, rilestar?
Something that's been bothering me for a while. So I've made a poll.

It's been a busy weekend, lots of catching up with people, including andricongirl and sharplittlteeth (\o/). dragontatt- I got your email, but haven't had time to open the attachment yet. I will, though, as soon as I can. 

Did find time to view the leaked copy of SGA 5x01 (at midnight last night). Oh, the urge to squeeeeeeeeeeee! Has anyone seen it, so I can squee with you???

Please - vote in the poll, and discuss in the comments. I want to know if this is just an American thing, or a 'part-of-America' thing, or whether it's other parts of the world, too (because the word 'bring' is NEVER used that way in Australia).

Right. Bed now.


heh and I clicked the wrong button. It's always take when you are gong away from one place to another. You bring things/people in and you take things/people away.
No, you clicked the right button! It should be "I'm going to take her to Keller right now and get it checked out." because Keller is not present. I've been noticing it a lot on American tv lately - people using 'bring' where they should be using 'take'. You bring towards and take away.
I thought I had clicked 'bring', and bring is definitely not correct. It's only 'bring' if you are viewing the action from the point of arrival. So it would be 'Don't forget to bring the booze to my house for the party.' and 'Don't forget to take a bottle of booze to the restaurant.'
Exactly this. Since you're American, it must be a bad habit thing, rather than a cultural thing.
It's either bad habit or the lack of learning proper grammar. The American school system isn't what it used to be.

I've told people before, if you aren't sure, then use 'take' because 90percent of the time it's right :-P
I would use 'bring' when it was a non-person (even though it said her, like it could be my female laptop-lol) and 'take' when it was a person. Which according to these comments would be right in the circumstances but not for the right reasons....oh well.
And whenever-ish is fine, you know that.
Huh. See, I've only heard it on North American telly on in fics by Americans, so I thought maybe it was like "quinine" and "aluminium" - an American thing, but allzugern is American, and she uses my rules. Maybe it's just a bad-teacher thing.

Work is so insane today. I feel like drowning in my coffee.