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Your silliness is noted.

Oh, Flight of the Conchords. You are so silly and cute.

And yes, I thought his name was Britt at first.


So much love for those boys. ♥
The songs are awesome.
yay glad your watching it , love it :]

we just finished watching arested development. funny :]

do you have the next series ? :p
It's heaps of fun.
I don't have season 2 yet! I haven't got around to going to JB. Shame on me. Maybe I'll remember to go at lunch time today.
hehe, yeah shopping at jb sounds fun :P

hey were in your area saturday (meeting a friend at the east brunswick) so maybe I can bring your DVD back. while im there

Ill see if D can dig up the battlestar for ya
Cool, you should definitely pop by since you'll be in the neighbourhood! And I did go to JB - I got season 2 Arrested Development (which you can't borrow 'til I've watched it :-p) and season 1 of Northern Exposure (cos I already had Season 2 of that.)
not sure what time we will be out there yet, but we are having tea / drinks , might be seeing the band as well.. there so I'll try pop round before we eat :]

D is looking for Battle star stuff for you now
ill lead you Nathan Barley I reckon you'll like it (comedy show :)
I ship it. Which is terrible of me.
Hahaha! You're hopeless!

No hope for you!