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Photo Spamola.

Some recent images from the crappy camera-phone.


Graffiti from Finlay Lane, off Little Lonsdale Street.


 This is the Centro apartment building on LaTrobe St (around the corner from my work.) At the bottom of it is Basement Cafe, where Alana used to work (when it was owned by crazy Corsican Sylvestre & his wife Elizabeth. They sold a really great Corsican beer called Pietra). To the left in the photo, below Tokyo Garden, you'll see a sign saying LaTrobe Cafe. Until this week, it was known as Zanzibar - a cafe that sold boring food. They changed their name this week because they were recently made very well known by being featured on all the TV news because of a Hepatitis A outbreak caused by the dodgy hygiene of the owner's son. They suffered a huge loss of custom as a result. I wonder whether the new name will work.

Couldn't get a park out front of the Organic Wholefoods last weekend, so we parked in the street behind and cut through the carpark of the pub and then down the back & side alleys to get to the shop. In the carpark of the pub I saw this sign - to remind people not to let their kids die in the carpark while they blow all their cash on the pokies. Unfortunately, the signs have arisen out of such events happening.  The next photo is a snapshot of a few of the dozen longneck beer bottles in individual brown bags that were strewn along the back alley. It looked like the hobos had been having a party. For non-Australians - the individual packaging of the longnecks shows that they were individual purchases ... obviously that alley is the  happening place for street drinkers.


The kids-in-cars thing is scary.
Hoo-yeah. Scarily necessary.