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Oh, dear God.

I just walked past my co-workers office as she let rip with the loudest fart. Man, this office is too small for shenanigans like that! I'm just waiting for the smell to waft two doors down to me. :-(

Last night I cooked dinner for my friend Suzette, who recently left my work to take up her dream job (and is loving it). Made what turned out to be an awesome risotto - garlic-roasted pumpkin, rocket, toasted pine nuts & blue cheese. Yuuuum.

Exciting news! My little bro is in town today - I'll be collecting him after work so he can stay with me until Saturday. Eeeeee! <--Heh. That's both the sound of my excitement, and his nickname (for being named Iian)!

On a more sombre note, very sad to hear that Don S Davis (General Hammond on Stargate) has died. Non-Stargate fans may remember him as Major Garland Briggs, the father of Bobby Briggs, in Twin Peaks, or as Scully's dad on The X-Files. I personally remember him first from the John West commercials of the 80s. He was also an artist.


It's a damn shame. He was cool, and by all accounts a good guy. RIP.