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sparky 2

It's been a while ...

First, my brother came to stay, which took up all of my time. Then he went, and work became hectic - so I had time to read my flist over breakfast, post the very odd comment during the day (and it usually took me an hour to finish one comment), and then by the time I got home I was too tired to bother posting. Eh. I'm lazy. Anyway, it means this post will be a little all over the place.


to the gorgeous nimnodon the birth of the cutest little Nuffin I've seen! I'm so happy for you and Guy. Having known you online for a while now, and also having met you in person, I have to say that I'm really glad you've decided to have a child. I see so many people on the streets who make me wish they'd never bred, but you are exactly the kind of person who should, because you're intelligent, caring, thoughtful, open-minded - someone who will make a genuine effort to raise a child who will be a credit to the human race. I hope you recover quickly from your surgery and enjoy being a mum. Massive hugs to you.

My brother Iian, outside the "Game On" exhibition at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Federation Square, and a veeeery dark pic of him at Lygon St bar Comfortable Chair. My camera battery was flat, so these're all taken on my crappy phone camera.


We walked around taking photos of buildings - he, of course, had his digital SLR fully charged, so I'm looking forward to seeing his pics.


We found this building with all these amazing chandaliers ablaze, even though it was Saturday afternoon and closed.


From the chandalier building, behind a fancy locked grille but in front of the locked doors.


Painting of Elliott Smith in Comfortable Chair, and some light decorations at Fed Square.


A sculpture at the local collection at the NGV - Ariadne, by Brisbane sculptor Harold Parker, and the bar at Comfortable Chair.


The tables at Comfortable Chair are 50% made up of old table-games. Ariadne's feet.

We also went to see the Art Deco exhibit at the International part of the NGV. So cool. Includes a car, and the actual entry to The Strand Hotel from London, as well as clothes, jewellery, furniture, artworks, books, radios, heaters ... many, many examples of Art Deco design.

ION - I was supposed to go see Angie Hart and Dave McCormack live last night, but was too cranky and blew it off. I think I'm PMSing. Sigh. And I have to decide on a birthday present for Sandy. Argh. Also, need to go back over the last couple of weeks of my flist and comment properly. But first I need to shower and get dressed. Hey, it's not yet lunchtime!



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