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Man, do I need practice at this.

I've been playing around with making my own header out of my own photos, but I have very little experience actually using photo programmes. I really need to work on this. Anyone want to go have a look at my layout and give advice?


Aw, thanks gorgeous! That really made me smile :-)
heh, I never see other people's headers because I read everything in ?style=mine. But I really like how your header looks - nice! I'm not crazy about the green text, but again, I don't read in other peoples style so I don't have to adjust my poor, old decrepit eyes for it :-P
Likewise - I have it set up like that, too - makes it much easier than dealing with some people's full-on layouts.

Thanks for the nice words on my header! The green text is left over from the previous two layouts, which both had headers with shades of green. Maybe I'll switch it over to black.