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It's a small world. Yesterday afternoon my colleague A came rushing into my office and said, "How do you know [friend B]?" She'd just seen B on my list of facebook friends. Now, B is married to my old friend, D. Turns out colleague A and friend B grew up in the same small rural community in country Victoria. And guess who I'm having dinner with on Saturday, and who I ran into on the tram randomly this morning? Yep, B. 3 million people in this town, but everyone still seems to know everyone else. 

I don't know the woman I saw on the way to work this morning, but I do wish that someone who knew her would have a quiet word with her about her clothes. She was wearing a cream knit top which had a tartan frill at the top of each shoulder, like epaulettes. Ugliest.Damn.Shirt. Not that I'm a style queen - I'm sitting here in dark jeans, black shirt, black hoodie - but I can still recognise ugly when I see it.

For the Australians, a bit of work-related stuff. A petition to protest the takeover of St George by Westpac. For more info go here.

I'm supposed to go to lunch with K at the Hare Krishna place - but it's the other end of the CDB and I have a very annoying headache. Sigh. And I still have to buy the ingredients to make Curried Egg and Asparagus for dinner. Lea's coming by to celebrate quitting her horrible job. 

Now I'd better go do some more stinky work.


hey i will also see you on sat for dinner ;p
if you want to meet up with me and d and we could tram out together ?
(im not sure where the new place is :)

Edited at 2008-07-17 01:42 am (UTC)
I'm actually thinking I'll taxi there early, as I'll be lugging pizza-making stuff and want to get started on making them before everyone is wanting to eat them.
woot riles pizza !