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red pacman

Photo Dump again

Some random stuff - mostly stencils and such from an abandoned corner store here in Brunswick. Oh, and the rainbow we saw on the way home today - crap because taken through a rainy window very quickly (while the light was red).




Oh, and the 'fauxagne' we made the other night - since I'm both gluten and corn intolerant, I can't eat ordinary lasagne or the gluten-free replacement lasagne sheets, either. So we made the lasagne with no sheets inbetween the layers of vegetables. And then added too much cheese.

Click for larger.


so its a vegie bake ?
sounds nummy
Vegie bake? That sounds so mundane! It's exactly like lasagne, but minus the lasagne sheets! So, it's layers of garlic-roast pumpkin, spinach and fetta, chargrilled eggplant and zucchini, chargrilled mushrooms, tomato/olive sauce layers and topped with bechamel and cheese. The only annoying bit was the big slabs of fennel Alana grilled and added. I like fennel, but not in big slabs.
Why depressed?

Aw, bless you for asking.

I think it was just because I was so tired. And I've run out of Vitamin B and haven't bought anymore yet. Speaking of which ... should go do that now.

*hugs you back*
Great pictures!

That 'lasagna' looks delicious!

It was pretty good - except for the big slabs of fennel Alana added. I like fennel, but like Bok Choy, it's better if you cut it into small bits before adding, as it's too chewy to deal with otherwise.