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Photos and an important question about a burning issue:

Coffee. Answer me this, o mighty flist - what, to you, is the make up of a long black? I'm asking this question, you see, because I live in Melbourne - a place where Starbucks has had to close stacks of stores because we're too discerning a market to be able to support more than a couple of Starbucks. Thing is, we  here in Melbourne not only love our coffee, and have stacks of cafes in which to drink it, but we also have a very high number of Italians, Greeks and Turks - who like their coffee a little stronger than what Starbucks provides. Having this culture has also influenced the rest of us, too. I, however, am of two minds. I LOVE COFFEE. At home I have a percolator (I call her Shiny). I drink my coffee black. I like to drink a lot of Long Blacks during the day. Partly because I can drink more if I have a long black than if I were to drink an espresso. Well. That's actually the thing. To me, the perfect long black is two shots of espresso, topped up with hot water. Strong enough to get you going, but not so strong that you need to brush your tongue afterwards. I lived outside of Melbourne for most of my coffee-drinking life. In Tasmania (and if I were to go to Starbucks) I would have to request an extra shot of espresso, because the standard formula for a long black in those places is one shot of espresso topped with hot water. Here in Melbourne, if I ask for a long black I usually get two shots of espresso - with no hot water. And isn't that just a double espresso??? How can that be a 'long' black? And how the hell am I expected to keep up my normal coffee habits if, instead of drinking two real long blacks, I'm throwing back four espressos? Damnit, are they trying to kill me? Or stop me drinking so much coffee? MONSTROUS, IS WHAT I CALL IT.  

So tell me, chickies - what do you think of when you hear the term 'long black'?


Rik was in the office today, and discovered my toys when he came to give me more work. Sheppard is holding an astronaut and threatening to shoot a cat. Nice. The second picture was taken the day after the last rainbow photo I posted. Two beautiful rainbows, two days running, same time of day!

Rik also got a little saucy with Jorge and Blair. This is the less NC-17 pose he put them in. He was most impressed by Jorge's blu-tac tackle, and gave Blair a very pointy spacecraft from my space toys to make up for his lack of a member. The second pic is the Hyatt hotel - it's gold and shiny!

This car is parked in the next street every morning when I walk to the tram. Guess what I think every single morning.

For fuck's sake!

Today was an odd day at work. Good news about one ex-colleague who has been off on workcover after a breakdown - she's found a different job and resigned from our work. Good for her. On the other side, my boss Margaret quit today. She told us in the morning that she was resigning as her health was so bad that if she didn't, she wouldn't last out the year. She and her family have shocking health problems. So, really not a surprise in that respect. What was surprising was that she actually left this afternoon - without anyone realising she was actually going *today*. It's a real shame, that her health should be so bad. Also, though - I'm going to miss her.

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I think a shot topped with water for a long black
Hee! The Tasmanian vote is in! Actually, I think that'd be a fairly common idea. People here in Melbourne have often commented on how strong I drink my coffee (I use a tablespoon of instant crap).
When i hear "long black" i think of a tall, dark, handsome black guy, like one of those olympic runners from North Africa. Um.
Fair call, fair call. :-)