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My life in 5

1. I just squirmed with happiness when contemplating the first bite of my Grandmother Tofu and steamed rice for lunch.
2. Scored a re-run of the virus I had a few months ago which is affecting my middle ear and making the room spin. Yay. 
3. Coldish weather is finally here - but only when the wind blows down off the snow.
4. Just sent a snarky email to head IT guy who, when responding to my email about the internet being inaccessible (it's obviously back now), told me to log all IT helpdesk requests via the IT website. 
5. To date, I have watched 0 seconds of Olympics coverage. \o/

On a more sombre note, my ex-boss Margaret - the one who suddenly quit last Thursday - is having surgery tomorrow for cancer. From what I understand, good thoughts are definitely needed, so if you have any to spare ....


IT guy , hehe ...

i hope Margarets treatments goes well.

Edited at 2008-08-13 03:40 am (UTC)
It was fun writing back to him, as he's always kinda snotty in his emails to everyone else.

Me too :-(
1) yay!
2) oh no!
3) brr!
4) hah.
5) \o/?

and six, oh dear. I'm sending good thoughts!
5) - definitely \o/! I'm allergic to mindless patriotism. And sports is another example of stupid over smart.
and thanks - I've learned more about her medical history and the likely outcomes, and she'll need all the help she can get :-(