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Dear god, I haven't been this ill in a long, long time.  I'm normally pretty lucky - if I get whatever's going around I'll get it milder than everyone else. Not this time. This time is full-on aching from top to toe, constant body and headaches which paracetamol won't make a dent in. This time, it's sitting up at 3.30am, shivering and shaking with fever, and aching more from the constant shaking. You know, there's only so much lying down a body can do. I might go steam my head - I can feel the sinuses and throat getting worse, I'd like to be able to head that off. God, I hate being sick. Alana left for Tasmania this morning, but she was nice enough to drive me to the supermarket yesterday so I could stock up on vegetables and cat stuff, so I wouldn't have to walk there (I couldn't have walked there). Might make a big pot of soup today. But now I might go lie on the couch and whimper. *cries*


*winces* That's just epic fail. I really hope you feel better soon. If you lie down, try putting essential oil on some cloth and put that on your forehead-- sometimes that helps with my headaches.
thanks, matey. headaches have gone, thankfully. still sick, though :-( Wah.
::hugs:: I am sorry! I hope it gets better soon. If you can get anyone to prescribe you something with a bit of codeine in it, that sometimes helps me with those muscle aches. Maybe another kind of muscle relaxant would help.

Edited at 2008-08-17 02:36 am (UTC)
thank you. we can actually buy codeine without a prescription, i have some in my cupboard. I don't like taking it, though, because I feel really hungover the day after having it. the muscle aches are gone now, just my joints hurt. still too sick to go to work, though. Gah. I hate being ill.
thats no good :[
it's poo. I'm still sick. :-(
Shame! *makes you the hearty veggie broth that my Maltese mother used to make us (thus nicknamed Maltese Mush)* (Despite the name it's very good).

Really hope you get better soon - just take it easy and watch some Family Guy or something else funny.

I ended up making my mum's typical veggie soup yesterday - onion, curry powder, mushroom, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, peas, broccoli. I hadn't had it for ages, it was good. Still too sick for work, lying around watching SGA. I hate being sick. *stomps foot*
Oops, and here I sent you a brief email just the day you posted this! This thing that I'm not checking my flist is becoming embarassing *hangs head*

So sorry you're feeling so sick! So awful (and odd, too) to be in summer while you're being in winter, thus getting flu easily.

*hands you a blanket and a tisane*
:-) thanks for your email, and your health wishes. Still sick, but a little better. Not well enough to go to work or to the post office, but hopefully won't be much longer.
Hey sweetie, I'm hoping you're feeling all better by now. *hugs*

If not, well then I made a silly little icon that might help. Feel free to take it if you like. XD
Thanks for the hugs - hope you didn't catch anything!

Heh. You're really kicking with the iconning, aren't you? Nice work, kiddo!