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red pacman

Well, now.

How sick am I of being at home, sick? VERY.DAMN.SICK.
I actually got up this morning at 6.40 and thought, "That's it! I'm going back to work today!" Then I had a shower, and thought, "That's it! I have to go back to bed, now!" Stupid flu. 


Thankfully, it's Big Bang time, so I have some long fics to read.

Still, I have far too much time on my hands to get annoyed about the things that piss me off in fandom. Gah. 


Solidarity, sista. *coughhackGolemGolem*

And silly me signed up to my first ever SPN fic thingy, didn't I, so I have to WRITE fic! (Hasn't stopped me from spending ages reading, mind...)

Misery/Company. Now there's a pairing. :D
\o <-- solidarity salute

Hey, *I* ship Misery/Company too!!! They're so right together!

Get better, missy.