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 Back at work today, feel like utter shit, but I was just SO BORED at home. Anyway, I went on a bit of an online shopping spree last week, and arranged for everything to be sent to work - I needed to come in to collect it! So I get here and collapse on my seat ... right in front of me are two of my geek purchases. One is my new keyring (to keep my security blob on), which is a little stargate (non-working model, sadly - although, since only cockroaches would fit through it's probably not that sad). My other arrival is a waterproof digital camera. Not as good as my normal camera, but comes with a water-tight casing and was going for $100, so how could I say no. Seriously, though - everyone who sees it acts surprised that *I* would buy such a thing. They seem to think that only someone who goes scuba diving would use it (and as I would be mistaken for a seal and harpooned, I don't go scuba-diving). COME ON, PEOPLE - I'm a photography fanatic! Now I can photograph puddles from the inside! Now I can photograph Melbourne's overflowing storm gutters up close! Now I can photograph in the rain without ruining my camera! NOW I CAN PHOTOGRAPH THE INSIDE OF MY WASHING MACHINE MWAHAHAHA... 


Did I mention I wasn't better yet? In good news, though - I finally found out my ex-boss survived her surgery. Which is good.


I've always thought those cameras were cool.