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sparky 2

A rec, and much more...

mausi, because she is the rockingest cat in all of rockville, has written me a story that all sad SGA fans should go and read. The Ronon Conspiracy is a Paradigm Shift story. mausiasked me to tell her what to write, so this was my 'prompt': You need to write something happy. With kittens. Alternatively something cathartic. Also with kittens. I NEED MY KITTY. And lo, she wrote. <3

In other news, because I love you all and must share everything with you: I went to the chemist today to buy something for my sinuses (and ears) - goddamn flu, just shifts from one set of symptoms to another, instead of, y'know, going away. The pharmacist gave me a Dimetapp nasal spray, to be used every twelve hours, for no more than three days. I used it after lunch, and immediately dislodged the most foul-tasting glob of gunk that almost had me hurling over my desk as it slid down my throat! Six hours later, my ear can actually hear more than ocean sounds, and one nostril keeps dripping - until I blow my nose, at which point it explodes everywhere. HA! i AM THE GROSSEST, I WIN! \o/

Hey, where are you all going?



you win gross outs , have some colin sushi
Colin sushi??? Who's he?
the baby whale in NSW ;[
:-( *whimpers* That's worse than nerve-damaged puppies, cos it's real.