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My life as a bee.

Spring is almost here!!!

Friday was my day off (and how much do I love working a 9 day fortnight???) and I spent with my lovely friend Lea, newly returned from a month in London and Barcelona (lucky squidge). The weather was glorious - I was in short sleeves until sunset. We went for a walk along the bike track which runs beside the train line in Brunswick, taking photos of the graffiti lining the nearby buildings. When the graffiti ran out we walked a block to Sydney Rd and did some window and actual shopping, popping in to Art China for some cheap cute bits and bobs - including two Chinese parasols to ward off some of the Australian summer sun. Went to a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant called Saigon City for lunch - Asian food is a godsend to the gluten intolerant. Awesome mixed veg with black bean sauce & steamed rice, as well as vegetarian stuffed bean curd. YUM! Checked out this awesome artspace/shop which runs screenprinting/stencilling classes on weekends, so when Lea finds a job she & I & Lan are going to go do a class.

Picked up Arrested Development Season 3 the other day, so watched some last night with Sandy & Alana, in the absence of new SGA. Today caught up with Suzette - she used to work with me but got a better job. We bought some soup & strawberries & cheese & crackers and took it over to Annie's house for lunch. Weather yesterday and today has been a little wet, quite windy and nowhere near as nice as Friday, but spring starts tomorrow! I want to buy a deckchair/banana lounge for our tiny backyard, to enjoy the spring weather. I'm makin' plans.

I have the urge to send random presents of randomness. Who wants one? Let me know if you would like a parcel of probably useless items sent to you. If I don't already have your address for mailing purposes, you can email it to me at my gmail address - you know, rilestar @ etc.

In closing, here's one of the pics from Friday:

More at my flickr page.


I'm so jealous of you and spring!!

And I would love some more randomness in my life- you already have my address!

Oh, hon! You were the inspiration for the random presents of randomness - I already bought yours on Friday!

*tackle glomps*

(When you get/watch Shelter, keep an eye out for Zach's belly...it goes by so fast. lols)