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My one claim to fame.

Clumsiest human alive.

Currently sporting a nice range of bruises in the grey-blue-black spectrum and a wrenched left thumb, arm & knee after slipping yesterday while in the middle of walking in my front door. Damn fake crocs. Damn wet weather. Damn, it hurts.

*commiserates with yin_again *


doh clumsy :[
Yep. I really blame the shoes, though. They're the same ones that made me slip and land on my tailbone a few months ago.
Poor baby.

I myself am currently nursing a sore hand cause I slammed the fuck out of the front of it (you know-where all the lovely nerves and tendons are) into the point of Emma's dresser. It hit so hard it was pretty much instantly black-and-blue and my fingers right below (above?) it were numb for a damn long time....even now if I run my fingers over it, it hurts like a mother fucker and the intersection of my index and middle fingers goes numb momentarily.

Fucking clumsiness...
Oh, OW OW OW! That sounds horrible!
*winces* ouch?

If it makes you feel better, if only through laughing, I have an embarrassing clumsy story of my own. *whispers* When I was, maybe, 7 or 8, I'd just gotten out of the shower and my mum was on the phone. And I couldn't dry my back so I went and leant against the wall-length heater. I burnt my ass so badly I couldn't sit for a week, and to this day I have a scar in the shape of grill marks (why yes, exactly like McDonald beef patties in the ads)

Hope you feel better soon!
OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! While a part of my brain wants to laugh (the bit that is only focusing on the last part of the last sentence) the rest of my brain is HORRIFIED at how horrible that must have felt to a little tyke!
You're my third f-lister to have written a post about hurting something today. Clearly planetary alignment has been good for clumsiness recently. A local friend also tore a ligament in her ankle yesterday.

Now that's a good idea! Blame the planets! Heh.

Actually, although I am really clumsy (and completely lacking in any grace) I do blame the shoes. They're the same ones I was wearing when I slipped and landed on my tailbone a few months ago. Very comfy, but horribly unsafe when wet and walking on smooth surfaces.

But I'll take the hug! Thanks!