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ice queen

Oh, yeah - YAY.

For gollygirl, aka my sister, who has apparently won some icon contests somewhere. I'd look at them and admire (and post a link), but she hasn't told me where they are yet. But she is very clever. Go her! (she is very good at icon-making - she made the icon of me at the left there [I still have no idea where you got that picture from ... jeez, people just SHOULDN'T photograph me, I look like a freak]. she's not very good at LJing though,  are you, GG?)

Damn. I've just realised I have to go reinstall my photo software so I can upload the latest cool grafitti photo I took on Monday. GODDAMN HACKER BASTARDS AND YOUR STINKY TROJANS SCREWING UP MY SPARE TIME! phew. rant over.