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sparky 2


so we're watching some doco on colorado springs, the military, the evangelicals & the republicans. don't really know what they're saying, though, because we can't stop giggling. one of the people being interviewed is a pastor called steve holt!



Steve Holt- Woo!!!

*Come on!*
Hee hee hee - Come on!
*grins* we do that too. in history, we were watching a doco on the Vietnam War, and we got distracted every time a guy named "Holt" came on screen by yelling that in a deep, manly voice....our history teacher thinks we're weird. Oh well, the peril of being a nerd.
Hee. Well, you are not alone in your nerdness!
::uses only AD icon:: \o/ Steve Holt!
Hee! Great icon!