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sparky 2

Last night I tried to take my mind off worrying about Dion by uploading a bunch of photos to my flickr account. LabourStart are running a Labour photo competition, and I want to enter one of my union/rally/work-related photos ... but I can't decide which. I'd appreciate any suggestions from anyone who has the inclination to have a quick squizz at the photos. They can be seen here - it's any of the ones marked FSU or International Women's Day.

Picking D up from the vet at 3.45 today. My colleague Lyndon has agreed to run me out there in a work car and drop us home, since I don't drive. Another colleague, Annie, actually drove to work yesterday especially so that she could drive me home to collect D and take her down to the surgery. People are really nice, sometimes. Therefore, I'm sending you all big hugs.


Thanks for the recommendation!

How are you doing today? Things still crazy?