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The vet just called and said D didn't need to have any teeth removed - she must have her mother's teeth. I haven't needed anything done to mine since '95, and that was just removing a wisdom tooth which grew in sideways. There's something to be said for liking cheese more than chocolate :-)

I'm quite relieved, as it means she'll just be grumpy and a little groggy, but won't be suffering the pain of tooth pulling. Can't wait to pick her up!


Yay =) Glad you have her back.

Orange is still in the kennels, which- the only way I deal with it is to not think about it =/.
:-) She's home and happy. Groggy, kept walking on a tilt, but okay. She hasn't eaten or drunk, but she's been to the loo 3 times and is asleep under my blanket. She had a cute pink bandage on her leg (where the drip went in) which she didn't like.

I feel so bad for you and AO. I can understand that the only way to deal would be to not think about it. I was talking to one of the ladies at work today - her cat is two months younger than Dion and his name is Orange!