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Super-Rodney - Snarklantis by noxie

My Guilty Fandom Secret

Somebody somewhere recently asked for recs on great McShep, as they were new to it all. I had a look through the recs - as one does - in case there was either a good fic I'd missed, or something I felt like re-reading. There were the usual suspects listed, and I picked one by an author I hadn't read for a while. Part way through reading, I remembered why I don't read her stuff.

Now, she is definitely what you'd call a 'BNF'. Her name makes every rec list, for one fic or another. She'd be listed in the top ten BNFs, if one were inclined to list them. But I don't like her stuff. Rereading this particular story, it finally gelled for me what it is that puts me on edge when I read her stuff. While her John may love her Rodney, he doesn't really like him. And that? Makes me really uncomfortable.

Oh, and in case you're wondering? It's no-one on my flist.

On that note, it's 5 to 2 in the morning, so I'm off to bed. Sleep tight or have a great day, depending on your placement in the world. Weekends. Gotta love 'em.


OMG, no you've got me all interested and curious as to who you're talking about. Like really freaking interested that I'm going to have to like scour and narrow it down and all sorts of shit.

I love that you made this all totally vague. You are so precious.
Ha ha! That's so funny. Email me your guesses!
I want to know, too! It's driving me crazy now.
Hee! Clockie worked it out in the end - let's see how well you do!


That's why I dislike Cesperanza's fic (in all her fandoms)... coincidentally.