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I ran into our National Communications Officer today as I was coming out of work. She told me she'd been going through my photos on my flickr account last night, and she wants to frame some of them to hang in her bedroom, which she is renovating. I thought that was pretty cool, but she's insisting on paying me for them! Okay, on the one hand - cool! It'd be nice to actually sell some of my photos, but on the other hand - what the hell would I charge???

She also said she wants to make a book out of my photos of street art and promote it! I said cool, I suck at the promotion stuff, I'll just keep taking the photos (the fun part) and she can do the hard stuff. How crazy would that be, to actually have my photos in a book.

In an unrelated issue - don't try to quit smoking as you approach your period. I'm just saying - PMS and withdrawal? Do.Not.Mix. Needless to say, I'm back on the cigs.


But that's awesome! What a cool thing to have happen!
Isn't it? Even if the book never happens (and I'm always sceptical about this stuff) just having someone who would be willing to pay for my photographic work is cool. :-)
Also, you could drop refer off-hand casual references to "your book" into daily conversation *grin*
Heh. God, I'd embarrass myself to death if I did that.

Granted, those are for professional publications, but it might give you an idea? I'd say about 10 to 15 AUD per photo since it's someone at work. Is she printing them out herself?

I'd thrilled to hear of a possible book.
Hey, thanks for the link! I'll have a good look at it later. I like your suggestion on price - and if I get them printed for her I could just add on the printing cost.

I'm kinda sceptical about the book happening - I'm a bit of a 'believe it when I see it' type - but it would be very cool!
Congrats! It's amazing just to get recognition in an industry that is swamped with amazing talent. Big pat on the back.
Thanks. It'll probably never happen, but it's nice that someone thinks enough of my stuff to want to, anyway.

Not just watching you pee any longer

Have a look at this - because who doesn't need rhythmic cowbell and Christopher Walken sounds? ;)

Re: Not just watching you pee any longer

God, I'm still distracted by your gorgeous icon.

I tried to check this out this morning but it wouldn't work with the song I uploaded, so I'll need to try again tonight.