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sparky 2

Note: if you go to the expense of having hair extensions added to your head, you should always check the back of your head before going out. There was a girl on the tram today who had hair extensions which were a different shade to the rest of her hair. Today, she'd worn her hair in two plaits. Clearly visible from the back was the entire top of the extension, visible as a line across her head, about two inches below the roots. It looked godawful.

Good stuff today: I ordered a 12x14" print of this photo of mine:

to be printed on canvas ($30 special). It arrived today, and it looks awesome. The edges of the print wrap around the frame, and it comes ready to hang. Very cool. Have to go. Kitty thinks my fingers are better utilised patting her than typing.


Very cool pic!
aw, thanks hon!