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ice queen

So today was a good day!

A sleep in - always the best way to start any day!

House to myself, did my laundry (great weather for it, and the clothesline was empty for a change!) ... refreshed the old hair dye (still dark brown, kinda like my real hair colour, but nicer!) ... did the dishes (oh, so many dishes!) ... went in to town and met andricongirl for coffee at degraves ... we went shopping cos I need some clothes - nice pair o' jeans, black work pants (as in office work, not King Gee style), cool top ... on next door to Target and again, everything on sale! pair of shoes (flat slingback style, olive green with white) - I even bought a belt.(For those who don't know ... I have a 'thing' about belts. I also have a 'thing' about white clothing/shoes; tan shoes; milk in coffee and food that squeaks when you eat it. And by 'thing', I mean I HATE ALL THOSE THINGS IN A VIOLENT AND IRRATIONAL FASHION.) And yet.

While I was in Target, I remembered that they sell DVDs at often stupidly cheap prices. I ended up with: Lawrence of Arabia for $13, Serenity for $17 and a Family Guy thing $20 (all normally priced at over $30 each). Also spent $10 on one of those 20 old film DVDs, which feature a handful of stuff you've actually heard of and the rest is all unknown films that someone famous was in 60 years ago.... cool.

Needed more coffee after that, so off to Section 8 - that's the bar on Tattersalls Lane with the umbrellas (pic posted before). Then Sandy came in and he and I gorged ourselves at the Shanghai Dumpling House (me - steamed mushroom & veg dumplings & the spring onion pan cake) before finishing off with gin & pink grapefruit juice back at Section 8 (well, it *is* just next door ...) Sigh. I'm full of dumplingy goodness. Now, to hem those pants I bought earlier (as I'm not 8 foot tall... who designs these things???)


We need photo's! Mum wants mingwaal aka Dean to photograph the top and skirt I bought the other day so we can swap piccies!

I love it when they sell dvds for ridiculously low prices :)

I want some mushroom and vege dumplings!