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The nicotine patches I've been on for the past week (in my *8th* attempt to quit smoking) are leaving big, red, itchy burns on my arms. Seriously, they give off heat like a bad sunburn. ARGH.

ETA: Yes, I fail.


Ouch. Sorry to hear that.

On the other hand: Yay for quitting! No more smelly smokers breath! No more paying massive international corporations money to give you lung cancer!
Yeah, but hard to stick with quitting when it involves burning yourself :-(
Also, it's a shame that you were pretty much the only person who made a serious attempt to debate on that MM thread this morning.

So much reactionary and unsubstantiated commenting goes on in that comm. it puts my teeth on edge. Sigh.
Ah, it was a pleasure to debate these things with a trained philosopher.

The internet is full of dullards and reactionaries. Our goal is to inspire them to improve themselves with our shining examples.

We must have dinner soon. A. will be the sticking point here, since she's working at the Fringe.

But dinner. Soon. You may even not serve meat, if your conscience objects to it.
I did the gum. Mostly because like I know myself and having a lollipop delays me from smoking for a couple of hours if I don't want to be smoking at the time. So, gum.

But now it has made me hate all gum. I do not think I could be on the patch thing. I'd forget that. But like I'm also not a heavy smoker.
Yeah, I thought about the gum and the lozenges, but I heard they taste foul and can give you diarrhoea. Also, I didn't want to replace the act of sticking a cigarette in my face with sticking a gum or lozenge in my face, you know? With the patches (which I did successfully in the past, before the allergy got too bad) you just stick 'em on in the morning and then you don't think about smoking all day. Well, at least I didn't think about it, because I don't have a pyschological addiction (where you smoke in certain situations - when you're upset, or when you're on the phone, etc), just a physical one. So if I'm being weaned off the physical addiction through the patches, I find it pretty easy to quit. The only problem is (beside the newly bad allergy to patches) that *I like smoking*. Sometimes. That's why I always go back, because sometimes I really want one after dinner, and to have just one you have to buy a packet, and then they're there ... and it all goes to hell. Wish they sold cigarettes individually. :-( Anyway, I gave up the patches (still have welts all over my arms a week later), but I've cut down on how much I smoke by a third - I'm only smoking 8 per day, now. Which is better. And they're only 4mgs, so not so strong.
Hmm that's why I tried it. Because it was easier to just replace one thing. For me it's not that bad. Maybe one cigarette a day possibly every other day. So like, I don't think that's too bad and some days it's more, but like I don't think I could do more than that a day because I'm kind of a lightweiht.

They don't sell cigarettes individually? Like at all? Because I'm pretty sure there are still places in the US that do that. In the little vending machines. I think they have them in casinos mostly now, but there was a time, long before I was born, when they sold them individually like that on street corners for like a nickel.

Oh those were the days that I didn't actually live through.