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beta humour by ladytalon

Uni students to be taught basic English

... and then read the readers' comments. *sigh*


The truly awful and depressing thing is that I can almost guarantee you that class will not help much; by the time kids get to university, basic grammar and awareness (or unawareness) thereof is pretty much fixed. The professor unfortunate enough to teach it is going to discover there's no way a quarter- or semester-long course is going to convince students that "they're," "their," and "there" are not synonymous, much less erode their belief in the omniscience of spell-check.

I say this because I just started grading a set of essays written by second- and third-year English Lit. students (again, I say: ENGLISH LIT.) that are so flawed in terms of basic grammar, syntax, and punctuation I'm seriously considering stabbing myself in the eye. It seems more rewarding, somehow.
If we can just get them to remember at least the apostrophe rules, I'll be a little happier!

Oh, ouch. Seriously, how - HOW - can you be majoring in English Lit., constantly reading books, and NOT pick up some of the flaws in your own written English??? I guess they're just setting the standards too low to get in in the first place. *tears hair out*