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That's an awesome photo. Where was it taken? It reminds me of the statutes from Blink.
Thanks. It's at Melbourne Cemetary in Carlton, went there today with a friend. It's a huge statue on the grave of someone I've never heard of. I was expecting it to be a big name in the history of Melbourne (Fawkner's grave is nearby), but it wasn't. Just someone rich, I guess.
Still a gorgeous image. Is that the cemetary opposite Lygon Street? I think my cousin lives there.

So, will I see you at Armageddon this year?
That's it - the big one that stretches from Royal Parade over to Lygon Street. It's *enormous*. We only saw a fraction of it.

I'd forgotten about Armageddon! When's it on? Do you know if Hewlett will be there?
Yeah, my cousin lives in the apartments opposite. You have to choose if you want the view of the cemetary or not.

It's November 1 & 2. And David is definitely going to be there. I got gold class tickets for $400 *headdesk* No waiting in lines for me!
That's a great location! I'd choose the cemetary view. :-)

Yikes! $400! I think I'll be going general entry. I'm not going to queue either, though - certainly not after last time! I'll just have to miss out on an autograph. I should go order a ticket.
So would I! It's amazingly beautiful.

Yeah, I'm a little insane. But. DHew! You should definitely get tickets. *beams*. But if you don't queue, however will you meet awesome people like me?
Heh, this is true!

Well, I just bought a ticket for Saturday, so now I'll just have to try to get a seat in the auditorium - hopefully somewhere I can take photos from!
Awesome. Hopefully I'll see you there!
Hope so! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!
...is it weird that I just went to a place with grapes?

Have you heard of a movie called Secretary? That, incidentally, happens to be on TV tonight.
Hee. I went to that same place when I typed it!

I've heard of it, but not seen it. James Spader & Maggie Gyllenhaal (or however you spell it), yes? Any good?
Oh good, I'm not just really creepy.

It's amazing. It kinda has the same mind-fuck vibe as Fight Club, just with more sex and BDSM. It's one of my favourite movies, but they don't make the DVD anymore. If those type of movies are your thing, I strongly suggest watching: i'm staying up til 1.50 to watch it, and I have a practice legal exam at 8.45 tomorrow.
Now *that's* dedication! (Good luck with the exam, btw.)

I've actually just loaded the commentary for SGA 1x01 Rising onto my iPod and I'm going to listen to it while the dvd plays. For some reason, the rest of the world got 6 more commentaries on Season 1 than Australia did, I just found out. I've downloaded them all and can't wait to hear!
Thank you!

Okay, that is insanely weird. What's with that? Sigh. It's really really odd how our dvds get less special features than other countries. However, I have at last figured out a way to change dvd players so I can watch dvds from other regions, thank heavens.
My very first thought was, oh shit, did you get eaten right after taking this picture? That's a neat angle.
Heh. Thanks!

Love that icon, btw. And I see I missed your birthday! I'm sorry. Hope you had a good one.
Thank you on both accounts!
very nice

will organised some catch ups soon, maybe next week, after fringe is over