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sparky 2

There was a girl wearing kinda tan, smooth, featureless shoes. She looked like she had mannequin feet with shoe soles nailed on underneath.

The longer she walked in front of me, the more repulsed I was. Mannequin stomp! Ew.


Gross, dude!
It really was! Quite freaked me out.

ban tan !

i also hate white women wearing tan/ beigey coloured tee shirts , specially when its under an open shirt or jacket it looks freaky
why don't they realise that from a distace they look like plastic lumps

Re: ban tan !

Ew! Yeah - nasty. Man, you should have seen this woman ... I was really unnerved, the more I looked the more it seemed that she really had mannequin feet. freaked me out.
That's oddly surreal, like a the beginning of a horror movie directed by Dali.
You're right!

Heh. I just told Alana about the woman, and the conversation ended up being about Mannequin the movie, and how much she wants to see it and Footloose again. Love those twisty turns the human mind can take!