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Springy spring spring.

 This post has nothing to do with my icon, but who the hell needs a reason to use that icon?
 All this springy weather had me dreaming of wrap-around skirts, like I had when I was a kid in the 70's, and lo, ebay fulfils my wishes. These are the two skirts I bought yesterday.  Pretty!


:-) me likee!
*eats chocolate off your icon*
hee! yum.
I love the green one especially, but both are lovely.

[Icon = A+]
The green is my favourite, too (green's my favourite colour). Also, it's reversible, and the other side looks lovely as well. It can also be made into a squillion different kinds of dress, just by wrapping different ways.

[Your Icon = A+ too!]
ooh, your icon there is from Shai catalog! That is one of the best pornos.

I am also happy for the skirt, but it took me a while to even read your comment. Sorry. um. /shakes head
Yeah, I loved the Shai catalogue! This icon is actually the guy in the green shirt in the gay one.

I understand. I get distracted by guys kissing and naked bodies all the time.
Oh, I didn't recognize him! I am so ashamed of myself - I should have for all the times I watched it.
Well, he looks pretty different.