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Lasagne, sorely missed since I've succumbed and admitted I can no longer eat products containing gluten. Even the gluten-free lasagne sheets are no good for me, as they're made from corn - which I'm also intolerant of. Imagine my glee eating lasagne for dinner tonight, then! I went to the Asian grocery store near work on Wednesday to buy fresh rice noodles and found a strange pack of rice noodles which appeared to come in sheets. I was convinced I was seeing things, that they'd turn out to be pre-cut into ribbons and that I just couldn't see where they'd been scored, but no! They were whole sheets of rice noodle, and they made a perfect substitute for lasagne sheets! Roast and grill my vegies, make my tomato sauce, wrestle with some homemade bechamel (using potato flour, not wheat), and VOILA! Perfect lasagne and a happy rilestar!!! Oh, my tummy is *so* happy!