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Happy Birthday Mooch!

Today is Dion's 19th birthday!

This was from her first birthday party. How undignified.
I'll see if I can get a more dignified photo this evening after work.


Awwww....*tickles her belly*

Happy bd, cutie pie!
aww , birthday pat to the moochie.

want us to bring anything for dinner ?
will you be home all day tomorrow ? I may come round a bit early, as im having lunch with D then thinking of heading out that-a-way to the fabric stores after that, so may as well stick around the area , and come annoy you after shopping ;p
Nah, you don't need to bring anything! Sure, come on around early. Only place I'll need to go is the supermarket to buy stuff for dinner, and if you arrive before I go you can just come with!

I'll pass on the pat when I get home - I'm sure she'll appreciate it!
maybe I'll get to yours around maybe around 3-30 -ish, 4 depending how long i spend drooling at the fabrics at GJ's , and depends f i drop by rathedowne remnants as well.

will send a msg to see where you are when im done , make sure your home and all that ;]
Is that tiny little you holding her 19 years ago?
Pet and cuddle Mooch on my part! Happy birthday, little kitten!!