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Things I remember about Armageddon

I only went to two Q&As – David Hewlett & Gary Jones. I went for a sprint-walk through the main floor (I was in a hurry to join the queue for the Hewlett Q&A) and got a quick squizz at DH & Andiee Frizzell. I was quite PMS-y, feeling really sooky and not in the mood to be there at all, so I legged it upstairs to make sure I could get into Hewlett's forum and stood around for about 20 minutes until they let us in. So, what do I remember?

  • David Hewlett is very attractive in person. Yep, no surprise there, as he's very attractive on screen as well. I feel like a weirdo for saying this, but he has fantastic skin!
  • A couple of minutes into the talk a baby started crying. David joked, "Yeah, I'm getting to the point!" and then said that his son does that when he talks too much. The mother got up to leave, and David tried to talk her into staying, saying that the baby wasn't bothering anyone, babies always sound louder to the parent than to others in the vicinity, but she insisted on leaving. As she left, he joked that 'everyone's a critic - and she's really starting young!'. Shortly after, the father of the child staggered down the stairs heading for the door, lugging the pram. David commented on how he identified with the guy, lugging after the baby, carrying all the gear. The guy took the opportunity to ask a question about A Dog's Breakfast. One of the organisers came over and gave David a couple of copies of ADB to give away, and David decided straight away that one would go to the guy with the pram. (The other went to a girl who asked for advice because she wants to be an actor. David advised her to change her mind and do something else, but that if she insisted on proceeding, she should get involved in independent productions straight away, make things and learn by doing.)
  • He cracked a joke about Joe Flanigan being 'off in the woods, doing his hair for an hour' on David's first day on set - but then noted, 'like I can talk, with my hair the way it is today'. 
  • He moaned about missing out on having his breakfast made for him every day (what with the cancellation of SGA). Some guy in the audience told him to get Jane to make it, and David gave him the eyebrow, and a pointed, "Yeah, you can tell her that." He then told us what a crap cook he is, how he is completely unable to multitask - he needs complete quiet to focus on what he's doing and will still burn his fried egg..
  • He also said he *loved* tormenting Joe on set, and would constantly wind Rachel up by telling her to be pretty and leave the problem-solving to McKay. He said Jewel wasn't as easy to tease, as she had too much practise with Nathan Fillion to be an easy mark - she gave as good as she got. He said Kavan and Jewel loved to try to wind David up to get him to 'be a diva' and lose it at the directors. Kavan: "You can't take that! That's too disrespectful! You should say something!"
  • He told us that one of his sisters had a habit of faxing him websites, instead of sending him the link.
  • He described his next personal writing project as 'Martha Stewart meets a Zombie film', or something like that. It's called "Design of the Dead", and involves a makeover team going to makeover a house and awakening the dead - home renovation tips combined with fighting zombies. 
  • He talked about MGM's concerns with illegal downloads of ADB, and how he tried to convince them to release their own 'pirate' version with an ad for SGA in the corner, or something - basically saying they should just accept that illegal downloads will happen, and they should try to make it work for themselves, rather than fighting it. He also talked about how difficult it is to work with a major corporation to distribute a film, and that he'd rather sell it himself at conventions and screenings around the world.
  • He comes across as an intelligent, down-to-earth guy - a really interesting candidate for a beer-and-a chat.
  • Gary Jones - can also work a crowd. A very self-deprecating guy, entertained everyone, and understood that a lot of the crowd there only wanted to hear about the big names.
  • He told us how he ended up lapsing into a Jerry Lewis impersonation in his audition for Stargate SG1, which crackd Brad Wright up. He also told us how Peter DeLuise would insist on making him deliver his lines a la William Shatner, just for kicks. He told us Walter's name was originally 'Norman Davis', but he got called Walter by RDA so they had to rename him, and the 'Harriman' came from Don Davis' pronunciation of 'airman'. 
  • I asked him how he paid the bills inbetween SG gigs, and he told us about the Canadian shows he has written for, and that he does improv and has appeared in some other shows (I know Sliders was one of them). He said that he was never contracted (like Kavan Smith is) for x amount of episodes, but that he always made himself available if they called, that he acted as though he were contracted to them. The one time he wasn't available for the second day of a shoot (due to another commitment), they used someone else, and that sparked a run of using other people instead of him, until the producers decided that the chair was his, and they should just use him when they could. Hard life, when you ain't the star.
  • Both Gary & David are really good at entertaining an audience. After the Q&A, a few people stopped Gary as he was trying to make his way down to the autographing area and asked him to pose with them for photos. He was very accomodating. 
  • I couldn't stop thinking, "BINGO!"
  • Oh, yeah - David talked about David Tennant quitting, and asked, "Hmm, who should they cast as the next doctor?", while striking a mock-thoughtful pose. 
  • He also talked about how he would ring his dad on a Friday night, and his dad would always be short with him, and tell him he was too damn busy to talk ... and that he didn't find out for a couple of years, but it was because his dad was busy watching Atlantis! He said that it was the first time he realised his dad was proud of him. Sad.
I was too tired to hold the camera steady enough to get photos of David (beyond a couple that I like of his projected image on the big screen behind him), but I got a couple of Gary, they're on flickr, along with the ones of Joe from last year. 

ETA: I forgot - they did the typical Melbourne Armageddon thing of making the unwitting guest sample Vegemite - except David already knew and liked Vegemite, and was pleased to be given the tube of it, and said he was going to give some to Baz. He then squeezed some directly into his mouth, and proclaimed, "It's better on toast". :-) And that reminded me that I'm not allowed to eat it any more, as it's not gluten-free. :-(


Oh, yeah - David talked about David Tennant quitting, and asked, "Hmm, who should they cast as the next doctor?", while striking a mock-thoughtful pose.

Heh, I have heard similar thoughts voiced elsewhere ;D
I reckon it would be fun! I only saw one episode of David Tennant as The Doctor, and actually disliked it intensely, too much mugging at the camera, it felt like watching Jim Carrey (which I find incredibly painful - at least his comedy.)
you can get a gluten free vegemite type stuff, its a little more like marmite though a bit sweet, but D has it
I'll have to track some down! I like Vegemite :-(
i totally didn't see you there! *mourns* but did you have fun, except for the tiredness and PMS? i hope you did.
I know, I kept looking for you, but no luck! I was scanning the crowd, and going, "You're not Shameeta, you're not Shameeta, you're not Shameeta ... damn!"

I did like the talks, but split straight after Gary. Didn't get to see Kavan at all. How about you - you gonna write up your memories??? Get any cool pics??? Come on, let me live vicariously!
i've only got the professional photos. i'm waiting for some friends to give me theirs and then i'll do a huge post.

ohmygod, kavan was hilarious though. actually, did you know he was in jail? he learnt to act in juvie, for car theft. he walked in and was like, "so i thought it was public knowledge, but apparently no one knows."
Oooooh, I'm looking forward to your post!

I had heard from the NZ info that Kavan had been in juvie, but I didn't know why - how fascinating! I was tempted to go back on Sunday to see him, but I really was in no frame of mind. I lay on the couch and watched Traders ALL DAY. And then I ate homer hudson ice cream with Chocolate cointreau sauce. STUPID PMS.
*winces in sympathy* although, the ice cream and Traders sounds amazing. speaking of, i REALLY need to get a hold of the show. i started to fill out the application for the comm you kindly linked me to, and then reality intruded and i still haven't gotten around to doing it.

you know, there are some days when being female just fails. epically.
Well, the ice cream and Traders *was* pretty good. ;-)

Hey, seriously - I can just burn it for ya. Be much easier than downloading them all, and some of the links are dead so you'd have to scout the tags. We can easily meet up for a coffee so I can hand 'em over.

The worst thing about all of this? I'm still waiting for my period to start. Then I'll have the cramps. GAH. And if I don't take Magnesium and Evening Primrose, I get PMS EVERY TWO WEEKS!
That would be brilliant, thank you. Maybe at some point after the 29th? I have exams and then schoolies until then. Thank you so much.

*winces* That just fails. Epically. I take primrose as well. Have you tried medicine for cramps, like Naprogesic or just Buscopan? They usually help me.

I would kill to have David as the next Doctor. I think fannish hearts across the planet would explode. You're so lucky to have seen him live!


Wouldn't it be great??? Dangerous, though - the squee could kill :-)

He was soooo attractive ... mmmm. Pity you weren't visiting me at the right time!!!
Aw. David Hewlett is so adorable. Aw.
He really is :-)
I was going to go but didn't know anyone! Should have gone and lurked in the back :(
Argh! We could have gone and hung out together!
And you could have showed me the ropes. I'm all shiny and new to the convention scene!