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Rilestar04 by carrieross J/R pic in pic


I've just discovered there are only 4 degrees of Kevin Bacon between me and David Hewlett, or Joe Flanigan. My flatmate Lan is the Camera Assistant on City Homicide, an Australian cop drama. Her boss, the DOP, was also the DOP on some episodes of Farscape, the sci fi show which starred Ben Browder. Ben Browder, of course, starred in Stargate SG1 - including the episode The Pegasus Project - which featured both David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan! Oh, Kevin - you're bringing the world together. Now, if you could only bring me the real Hewlett or Flanigan, I should be very happy indeed. :-)

Also - Bones. How do I love Bones? Let me count the ways. It's funny - Bones is similar in a way to SGA. Both shows shine in how the characters are written. When I watch Bones I don't care about the story. I'm not in it for the solving of the murders, but for the wonderful interaction between Bones & Booth, with additional loud laughter being provoked by Zach and Sweet. Damn, I love this show. I also love the fact that it has not been cancelled, and I have 2 and a half seasons' worth of back episodes to catch up on, and however many episodes of season 4 there are (we're currently up to the second last or last episode of season 3). Such a funny show. We always watch it after City Homicide (Lan  gives me all the dirt on the filming of each episode of that). Monday nights are actually good telly! And they announced tonight they'll be showing Bones on Thursdays as well - YAY!


oh my god the bones finale is going to kill you!

ahhh finales. how i love them.

shuttup, i am way too stressed and tired for capital letters and grammar.
oh, don't say that!!! argh!