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drinky time

Congratulations, America!

Seriously, nice work guys. I'm very happy for you.

I hope you all have a fantastic evening celebrating - the hard work is only just begun ;-)


the hard work is only just begun ;-)

We totally promise to get right on that after we sober up! :D
Heh. I'll even give you hangover time!
It's a beautiful thing. A Loooong time coming, but still beautiful. We still have a long way to go on equal rights, but I have faith that PRESIDENT Obama will do the right thing :-)
I'm really cranky about Proposition 8, but otherwise I'm very impressed with a lot of Americans today. I don't think we'd have much luck getting the same result here.
Yes, Prop 8 is just so much WTF. Especially when you look at the demographics of WHO voted for Prop 8. I just can't wrap my head around that. On the one hand you vote in and are proud to shatter the ceiling for Black men, but you turn around and vote to impose that same kind of oppression on others. W.T.F?
also, this is far from over. They have already filed suit against Prop 8 in the courts. The supreme court of CA will get it - and seeing as how they have already thrown out the ban on gay marriage once, they will strike down prop 8 as well. Eventually the US Supreme Court will decide this for all the States, seeing as how they are incapable of delivering actual justice themselves..
Here's hoping you're right. Over here, polls show over 70% of the population is in favour of allowing gays to marry, but this government (and the previous, but we expected it from them) refuse to allow it. Argh. It's making me grind my teeth thinking about it!

Don't you feel like...

*We* won too even if they are actually the ones that did the voting. This will effect us all... I hope.

Re: Don't you feel like...

I really do. America has such an impact on the world, for a start - it's great to not have Bush or another right-winger in power. Also, hopefully it'll help open up minds so that we can one day envision realistically Australia having a PM who is not a rich white man.