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sparky 2

Heh. Today I wore my Wookiee Slash t-shirt to work for the first time (mine is dark green, though). It got a lot of comments from my colleagues, who all thought it was really cute - but who were all confused by a) what 'wookiee' means; and b) what 'slash' means. A few explanations later, and my reputation as Office Freak is stronger than ever. :D


hehe :]
Hee! Everyone loved them, thought they were really sweet. Funniest moment, though, was when Spence said, "So, you're wearing a gay space shirt? Riley, you really are a weird mofo." XD


My sister was just lent the horiffic Star Wars Xmas special so this tee shirt makes me howl.

Re: snicker

I haven't seen that - is it horrific in a traumatic way, or a funny way? (Nice to see you back around LJ, by the way!)