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I need an icon which says ARGH!

I just watched the Season 3 finale of Bones, and JEEZ AM I PISSED!


Oh my god, how STUPID were they to make Zach the apprentice? The whole show I was chanting, "Let it be Hodgins, let it be Camille, let it be the other woman whateeverhernameis - I'll even take Sweet!" Seriously, Those three characters are just nowhere near as appealing as Zach. Bones and Zach are the funniest characters on the show, followed by Booth and Sweet - why the hell would you write out one of your funniest characters??? To make things worse, I promptly read a Season 4 spoiler - AND THAT'S EVEN DUMBER, YOU DUMB SHITS!



Yeah, it was a very stupid move. Regardless of who you find the most appealing (I actually prefer Hodgy, Sweets and Camile to Zach. I loved Zach a lot in the first season but they seemed to run out of ideas for how to use him by S3, which I suspect went into the decision making process) it simply made no sense that Zach would ever find a serial killer logical. Apparently they had planned to build up to it more to make it more believable, but because of the writers strike it ended up being rushed and implausible. I don't care what they say though - NO amount of build-up would ever make me believe that Zach would be capable of *that*. It was a total betrayal of the character and the audience afaic.
Oh, I completely agree with it being totally out-of-character for Zach. I mean, I've only been watching for about 6 weeks or so, but still. I mean, I would have bought it more if they'd made his normal self an act or something, rather than that lamearse excuse of a motivation.

Regarding not knowing how to use the character: I actually only watch the show for the funny geek dialogue. I don't care about the murders, I don't care about Bones' family, or Hodgins & whatserface's romance, or anything else - I just love how geeky and socially unaware Bones and Zach are, and how unintentionally funny they are (unintentional for the characters, not that the writers don't intend them to be funny). That's why it makes me extra-cranky that they've done this to Zach. FUCKING MORONS.
They are fucking morons. I'm still flabbergasted that the people in charge allowed it to happen.
Also, I just noticed your icon and thought it was an FBI guy in chaps with no pants underneath. Now that would make for an interesting uniform!
LOL it does kinda look like that! I had never noticed.
I don't watch the show because it got way too gross-out for me. What happened?
They discovered that Zach was the apprentice of the serial killer/cannibal Gormagon, and had killed the last victim for him, and had been misleading the team the entire time out of a belief that it was for the 'greater good of humanity' ... ??? WTF? It was completely out of character for Zach, no matter that Bones tried to explain it as the logical outcome of a flawed initial assumption (and Zach is supremely logical). It was stupid, stupid writing - so frustrating.
OMG, no! He's such a Bambi! And? He so doesn't fit a serial killer profile. SO DOES NOT. That sucks.

Thank you for telling me.
I know - I was so outraged at the ridiculousness of it I was shouting at the screen! My flatmate was off on a film shoot last night, so I had to tape it for her - I'm trying to figure out how to contain my rage and not tell her anything about it in advance - then again, maybe I should tell her not to watch it.

I actually feel a little traumatised by what they've done - to screw up the character so badly in one hour. They're apparently handwaving it a bit next season(I hear) because they realised they'd done a stupid thing. ARGH.