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moody ps

More yum. \o/

Melburnians looking for a nice place to eat should check out the Chilean cafe I went to for lunch. YUM. Called Base Kamp Vegetarian Cafe, located at 390 Little Bourke St, sells things like soy chicken, soy fish, soy beef, soy pork, etc. I had the Soy Chicken Roll, and as I asked her to hold the roll (because of gluten-intolerance), they gave it to me on salad with a small dish of soup. So tasty! They also sell gluten-free friands, so I bought a raspberry one for afternoon tea. For the non-gluten-intolerant, they sell little Chilean custard tarts and other puddings. I'm undecided about what I'll try next time - the sweet and sour soy pork, or the glutinous rice in lotus leaves.


oh sounds yum
Yeah. We'll have to try it out. We need to find more us-friendly cafes in the city.