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bah humbug

*points to icon*

So, many posts these days are reminding me that 'tis almost the season, and this year I want to try an experiment: mail things to people so that they arrive before the day. STOP LAUGHING, I'M SERIOUS. Trouble is, it's hard to get on with something like that if you don't have addresses for people. If it would make your day to receive a christmas card (and they'll either be cute animal charity ones, or my own work) that you didn't have to mail to yourself, please let me know in the commments - and include your address if I don't already have it (comments screened for security, blahblahblah). There are also random giftie things to get sent out (roadkill, half-eaten Vegemite toasts, etc), so if you leave a comment you might just receive something you can repackage and give to that ubiquitous person-who-gives-you-a-present-when-you-don't-have-anything-to-give-them (and wow, was that annoying to type, with all the hyphens).

Oh, and if you prefer a certain kind of roadkill over another, please make a note with your details. Thanks.

ETA to make the comments screened. D'oh.