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ice queen

Frickin' Plane Trees! Goddamn 45km/ph winds! Why must I be allergic to the single most common tree in the Melbourne CBD? ARGH.


ive beenn suffering hayfever all week :[
its sooo annoying
I feel like I have Plane Tree pollen coating the surface of my eyeballs. And given what I just read about Plane Tree allergies, I quite possibly do ....
PS: come have lunch with me again soon - we could go to the Base Kamp Cafe.
maybe one day nexy week

oh i looked it up, but its not just veggo ? seems they do meat stuffs as well from the reviews i found?

Nah, they're totally vego now. They even added the word 'vegetarian' to their name - Base Kamp Vegetarian Cafe. I saw those reviews as well, but there was definitely no real meat on their menu.

Hey - how about this cool change, huh??
yeah its great :]
thunder .

you coming to B and D's drinks tomor.. er tonight ?