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bah humbug

*points to icon*

frostedmagnolia just posted some new christmas icons in her icon comm, myownmorning, and this has prompted this post. See, they're pretty icons, but they just *aren't christmas*. Not to me. Christmas, to me, equals sweat. And squinting (from the sun). And swatting away flies. But mostly sweat. Since I moved to Melbourne christmas has become increasingly strange to me. I used to always go to my mum's and spend the day with my brothers and sister. Steve would dole out the gifts, and the boys would stuff themselves and everyone would lie around and watch dvds. (Boring, but hey - family). Living in Melbourne, though, means no family. Also usually no friends, as most of my Melbourne friends are also Tasmanian friends - and they go back to Tasmania to see their families for christmas. My first christmas in Melbourne, my boss kind of forced me into spending the day with a colleague's family, as she had realised I had no family here. Nice thought, and my colleague and her family were lovely, but it was still really awkward (while my colleague is nice, we're not really friends). Second christmas in Melbourne I spent completely alone. I spent about half an hour freaked by how un-christmassy it felt, before I decided that if it were any other day I'd be fine with it, so I stopped thinking of it as christmas and treated it like it was just a day off.  This year, my workmate/friend Annie has invited me over for an orphan's christmas lunch at her place - she's a transplanted Kiwi with no family here, too. Reminds me - I'd better get on to organising her present.

What plans do you guys have for christmas?


See to me, those are totally Christmas icons, while sweating and swatting flies would be completely weird to me.

Haven't actually figured out our plans yet- I *think* we might be taking a little vacation (without the girls!) but I'm not sure.

But for Thanksgiving--we have at least 1 night alone and we're going to go see the new Bond movie....I put my foot down about it!! lol
Yeah, to you and most of the world! Although more than half the world (the southern hemisphere plus a chunk above the equator) experiences christmas weather conditions like I have, the image we're all presented with is that of the European or North American christmas ... I mean, even California and Florida don't have that kind of christmas and they're in your own country, and in the middle of winter!

Mini-vacay sans kids sounds good! You can have yourself a bit of Ho Ho Ho that way!

I saw a bit of an interview with the Bond actor, am actually considering seeing it. I haven't seen his other one.
I've never been a big Bond fan, you know? Yes I watched them but mostly cause they were there...

That said- Casino Royale is awesome and Daniel Craig rocks that role hard! Srsly, you should see it.
I will hopefully be going to Denver with my family over this Christmas, but as plane tickets are about $400 and I'm broke as a joke, I'm not sure that'll happen. Which sucks because I really, really want to see my family and I'm not sure I'll be able to.

So if I can't, I'll be home. Doing nothing. Or possibly working.
Yeah, I'd have to pay around the same to visit my family in tropical, humid Brisbane ... but I have my old cat to look after, anyway. She frets if I go away.

What about Skye & Allie? Are they with their mum for christmas?
No, they're with us for Christmas. She still has to have supervised visits and since CFS is closed on holidays, she can't see them. Honestly, I think it's for the best -- she seems to think that she's getting them back in January because she has a court hearing then, but if she does that's a major FAIL to the legal system considering she doesn't even have a job or a place to live right now -- every time they see her Allie wakes up screaming all night and Skyler is really, really overprotective of his sister because Sable always tells him to take care of her. She doesn't understand the responsibility she's putting on the four year old.

Poor little guy. Why must people have kids when they are not fit to raise them?
I really, really do not know.
sorry babe will be going down to tas again.
Fine, abandoner. Be that way.
ps: your icon looks like it's humping a keyboard.
he's sleeping !
it's just your filthy mind