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bah humbug

Well, that's most of the christmas shopping done. I love the interwebs. Last year, I said "to hell with it" and informed my family I was giving them all charity gifts, because I have no idea what they want/need/already have. I bought them all Shelter Gifts (gifts in lieu) from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital - you know the thing, you pay $80 and they give you a card to give to the recipient which says 'money has been donated in your name, and will pay for the upkeep of a litter of kittens in foster care for one month". My family all *loved* the idea, and decided that I should do it again this year. They also offered to send me money instead of presents, which I can either spend on myself, or donate as well (I'm giving it to the kitties as well.) Anyway, a quick squizz at their site, choose which shelter gifts I want to give them, ring the hospital, and BAM! All done. Also ordered Annie's christmas present (gold-trimmed champagne glasses - very Annie). That just leaves Alana's unicycle, and a few different bits and pieces. YAY. Oh, and posting the packages to those of you who left your details in my post last week. Phew.


we should have a little pre xmas get together before we go to tas.
and hey would you be interested in seeing brideshead revisited movie ?
I have a free double pass, just need to see when and where its on, I apparently can use it anywhere, just not on Saturdays or half price nights
We should. When do you head off?

Sure. I don't know the series at all, but I heard it was good.
we go on the 21st dec i think, though we haven't booked flights etc yet.

Ill find out when the films on and get back to you. any night your not available ?
Nah, most nights are usually fine.
That shelter idea is awesome. They don't do that here. I should suggest it.
You really should - it's great! I'd much rather people gave money to a charity then give me a present I don't need - I earn enough to buy what I want and I actually don't want that much.
My Kelpie Jack is from the Lort Smith so a big internet double thumbs up for your Chrissy presents. As long as it wasn't donations to the Human Fund :)
Yay for you and Jack!

I had to google The Human Fund ... ha! Nice.
Jack says Thanks from the bottom of his lost dog little heart and Merry Christmas...
Why, hello thar, Jack! Aren't you just adorable???