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Aw, kitty kitty!

You know that old adage that cats are colourblind? LIES, ALL LIES. My little kitty has always demonstrated a preference for the colour red. Check the icon - there's a reason why I used to always have red blankets - given a choice of blankets of different colours, she would always choose the red one. Now, that particular blanket in the icon has been lying around in the storage room, since I now have two new, extra warm (fake-fur one side, polar fleece the other) blankets, one of which is black, the other brown. Over the weekend we had Alana's dad in town, and we dragged out the red blanket for him as we've had a cold snap. He folded it up on the couch-bed today before he left, and I've been leaning on it while I watched the news. That is, until kitty started acting weirdly and trying to climb under my armpit. Took me a few minutes, but I finally twigged - she was trying to get to the red blanket to curl up on it! I just got up and moved it to the other end of the couch-bed, and she's happy as a kitty on a red blanket.


First of all, thanks for adding me back. :)

Secondly, that's adorable. I read somewhere that the old theory about cats seeing only in black and white may actually be untrue -- so I totally believe your kitty has shown a preference! One of my cats seems to favor toys of a certain color, so...
Firstly: You're welcome! Though I have to warn you, I'm not that interesting :-)

Secondly: Yay! Another cat person!
HUGE cat person. That's my special boy, Skittles, in my icon.
Aw, what a cutie! That's my Dion in my icon. She's 19!