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ice queen





They look fake to me.


I used to looooove performing at The Princess Theatre :)
Lots of strange stuff happens back stage.
Ooooh, a performer eh? What kinds of things did you do at the Princess?

I saw a short doco on the ghost of Federici - funnily enough, it was full of Rob Guest talking about him, and it aired like a week after Guest died. I had to wonder if Federici has company now.
That would have been a freaky doco to watch!
I think Guest would haunt The Princess because of his love for Phantom as opposed to The Regent (another great theatre) where Wicked is playing.
Frederici isn't the friendliest ghost. He's certainly no Casper, so maybe they are having some ghostly biffo's while the pecking order is being established.

I was a dancer for 18 years so we used to perform there before Phantom kicked us out.
Wow! What kind of dance?
I was a classical ballet dancer, gymnast and also did the "Jack of all trades" form of dance; Calisthenics.
Needless to say my back, neck and feet hurt often.