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I've just been poking around the website of my local council (I have to go vote tomorrow) and I found  .

I live in Brunswick, which is part of The City of Moreland (a part of Melbourne). The City of Moreland consists of a number of Melbourne suburbs: Brunswick, Brunswick East, Brunswick West, Coburg, and others. It's quite a multi-cultural area, and I love it heaps. Here's some interesting stuff I found out:

Country of birth

58.4% of Brunswick residents stated they were born in Australia. The Top 10 countries of birth for Brunswick (excluding Australia) were Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, China, New Zealand, India, Lebanon, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Although Italy was the main country of birth (excluding Australia), a smaller proportion of Brunswick residents were born in Italy than compared with the Moreland average (5.2%, compared to 7.4%).


Brunswick has a larger proportion of residents who speak English only (58.3%) compared to the City of Moreland (54.6%).

The Top 10 languages spoken at home in Brunswick (other than English) are Italian, Greek, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indonesian, and Hindi.


A larger proportion of Brunswick residents professed no religious affiliation (28.0%) compared to the City of Moreland (17.1%).

The main religions represented by Brunswick residents are Catholicism (25.1%), Orthodox (9.4%), Anglican (5.7%), Islam (4.6%), Buddhism (2.9%), and Uniting Church (2.2%). Although Catholicism is the main religion in Brunswick, a smaller percentage nominated Catholic (25.2%) than the average for the City of Moreland (37.2%).


A larger percentage of Brunswick residents hold a Bachelor Degree or higher (35.8%) compared to 21.4% of residents of the City of Moreland. Conversely, Brunswick has a smaller proportion of residents who do not have qualifications (37.6% compared to 47.5%).

Interesting, huh? I especially found the religion figures interesting (in that there were more who hold no religious affiliation than any other group). 

Anyone want to share info on their town?


I wouldn't have thought that Malaysians would be in the top 10 nationalities living in Brunswick. And I wouldn't have expected atheism to be more prevalent than other religious groups.

I know - not a nationality I picture when I think of Brunswick.

I guess the non-religious also includes agnostics. I wonder if it is tied in to the education stats? I think I read somewhere about lower levels of religious belief amongst university-educated people ... but that could be completely untrue...

I think it's probably difficult to tie education and religion together. Because you could always argue that, particularly in Western cultures, people with little to no education have lower levels of religious belief. That made sense in my head.

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