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ice queen

:-) Astronomical geekery: emoticons in the sky.

:-) the moon, jupiter and venus
:-) the moon, jupiter and venus

and we knew it would happen because astronomers are geeks.
blurry, but in perspective
blurry, but in perspective

jupiter, venus, the moon and the corner store.

Thanks for the reminder, andricongirl! Tonight's sky over Brunswick.
One of these days I need to buy a real tripod.


Hee! :-)

Haven't had a lot of time to comment lately, but I've really been enjoying your pictures!
Aw, thanks! People almost never comment on the photo posts, so I assumed that pretty much nobody but me cared about them! Nice to know they are being enjoyed!
Ours is upside down - moon above stars so it looks like a frowny face upside down. I suspect it'll change as night wears on and we'll get the smiley effect near morning.
Your sky must be more of a morning-body. Mine, like me, prefers nighttime over morning!