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rodney hearts shep_by_aesc

From Joe Mallozzi's blog yesterday - part of an answer to a fan question:

As for the argument that the Keller/McKay relationship has become the main focus of the show, let’s chart its development: The Shrine (final scene, McKay admits his love for Keller), Tracker (final scene, McKay and Ronon admit their mutual interesting Keller), The Lost Tribe (final scene, Keller informs Ronon she is interested in someone else), Brain Storm (McKay and Keller’s first date, the relationship is solidified). Again, hardly the focus of the show’s fifth season.

Um, I think he just provided the evidence for why many people don't like McKellar - the lack of on-screen development of their relationship. Oh, Joe.


I desperately want to reply. Not that I suspect that there's any point.
Well, it would ease that desperate urge! I say go for it.
I prod you back!

But eh, they seem to have decided (or perhaps they have to say it for political reasons) that any fan base discontent with the Keller character or McKeller shipping is purely the fault of the fan and not on the show.

If they can't see why there are issues with the creation and execution of this from a creative standpoint when other people have already articulated it...it's the Beckett fans, guv!
I did to vent my own spleen. At length. With examples. And now I shall hide under a rock to weather the Good Girl Slight Repentance Shudders.
*bashes Mallozzi with his own stick*
Heh. He means well, though.
::clutches at you:: I just went over there and outlined that very thing. Sorta. I don't DO this sort of thing.
I just read your comment over there - it's two after mine! Nicely written - I was reading it, just nodding away...
It's up? ::scampers:; yeah, I know what it says, just....okay, I'm a big dork.
Oooh, yours was good too. I'm glad we covered slightly different points. ::high fives you::
Good posts on Joe's blog guys!
I'm outta there.
But but but! You're one of the *very* few on there who *don't* make me wanna go postal with an uzi!!! Don't go - please, think of the children!
Thanks for the sentiments riley :)
Hopefully you don't mind if I still hang here.
I don't know if it's the incessant bitching (I'm all for constructive criticism though), or the fact you find out your friends 11 year old step-son has been molesting their 2 year old daughter, but something snapped in me today.
They need to just own up to the fact that they fucked their show over on purpose and alienated all their fans. Whatevs.
Having read his post from yesterday, it's quite clear they envision the show in a radically different way to us. I'm quite amazed we managed to get so much enjoyment out of it despite their plans!