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ice queen

[info]dovil pointed me toward an interesting interview with Kate Hewlett - you should go read.

This is my favourite bit:

14. What is the most challenging aspect of being a female actor?

Kate Hewlett: For me, the most difficult part is the focus on my appearance. I honestly don't understand why acting and modeling have become the same job. I have been told repeatedly that I am too overweight and I don't understand that. Too overweight for what? Too overweight to act? Why? I am healthy, I am happy, I am fit -- why would people want me to change all that so that I can play a 'normal' person on TV? I am not going out to play 'the hot girl'. I AM NORMAL! Why do I need to be skinny in order to be normal? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Oh, AMEN. Just look at her picture - overweight??? What the hell is wrong with society?


That's exactly what I think! I go on seeing beautiful actresses disappearing under the weight of impossible diets to lose pounds they shouldn't lose at all! In the aftermath they look unhealthy, skinny and fake. I'm a fan of Cold Case and I used to love Lily's (Kathryn Morris) looks... can you see how skinny she is now? Her face is a collection of bones and she lost her sweetness. Poppy is another bad example.

It's a worldwide plague, as it is very true in Italy, too.
Yes, I saw a little of that show last week and I was horrified by how skeletal she looked. Very sad.

One of the things that I appreciate about Kate Hewlett is that she is lovely and attractive, but is normal-looking.
Amen indeed.
Hey Riley. I must have walked through something magnetic on Friday. My laptop and my phone spat it as well as my Reader. Rather odd, yet incredibly FRUSTRATING!
Hope the Chrissy party was a blast and it was great to finally meet you!
Hey there. Argh - how annoying! I hope they've all recovered??? The party was awesome ... I was just about to post about it. Likewise - I'm glad we finally met! Anytime you're in the area ...

Re Kate. Have to say...

I was lucky enough to see another of her plays last week. This time the friend I was with worked up the nerve to talk to her afterwards in the tent set up as a bar/gathering place (Yes in minus 20 degreee weather Canadians will sit about in the great outdoors drinking beer and yacking).

We thanked/congratulated her on the play, and you know she is absolutely adorable. Kind, gracious, humble even. Truly fantastic to meet her finally.

Re: Re Kate. Have to say...

That's awesome! You are so lucky. She does seem that she'd be very easy to talk to.

I think if we got as cold as minus 20 degrees, we'd still see Australians sitting about in the great outdoors drinking beer too. I wish I could go to Canada - I think I'd feel quite at home!